Try Me Out (29 october 2010)

After their first 2 albums received excellent reviews by the critics and were acclaimed by the public, COBALT is back with « Try Me Out », an impetuous electronic pop record.

This second LP reveals a more direct and more sensuous side of the band, that transpires through an alternately undulant, feverish and stinging electronic pop music. Although dark atmospheres hang over the tunes with their elegiac choruses, the music clearly suggests that it is time for sensuous pleasures and liberation…

Domestic (2008)

Cobalt releases its first album « Domestic » on the 28th February 2008.
This first CD is a blossom of electronic sounds,  dense, dark, rhythmic, but always subtle and ethereal, thanks to the emotion of a unique voice and to the lyricism of a violin.
The album also contains a special goodie : the music video of the track “where are you” which mirrors perfectly Cobalt’s  aesthetic and full of mystery universe.

Cobalt (2005)

These 4 eponymic titles quickly exceeded the band’s expectations. One week after the record was sent to the press, to the media and to the concert halls, the band was already being interviewed on Couleur 3 (Les métissages) in order to announce the release concert of the record at the Amalgame in Yverdon and the songs Dive and Gun were regularly on air (daily broadcast for 4 months on Couleur 3).

These numerous broadcasts on the radio as well as the concert tour that followed made it possible for Cobalt to emerge as one of the new reliable values of the electro-pop scene in the French speaking part of Switzerland.

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